3 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Dupont Circle

3 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Dupont Circle

The Fountain at Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is located in the heart of Washington, D.C. This primary area is known for its thriving restaurants, intriguing museums, trendy shops, and picturesque parks. If you want to live in Dupont Circle, we are ready to help you learn more about the area.

Finding the best neighborhoods in Dupont Circle is easy when you have local real estate expert Thomas Kolker as your guide. He is a third-generation Washingtonian with intimate knowledge of the DC and Virginia areas.

Dupont West

What makes Dupont West unique?

Located west in Dupont Circle, Dupont West is a neighborhood full of beautiful homes with tree-lined streets. It is a tranquil area, perfect for those looking for refuge from the busy atmosphere of the rest of Washington, D.C. Dupont West is highly community-driven and quaint.

What to do in Dupont West

Since Dupont West is largely residential, it does not have the various restaurants and shops that other areas of Dupont Circle do. You can often see people strolling through the neighborhood on a warm day, admiring the cherry blossom trees in people’s yards. You can also visit one of the area’s premier museums, including the iconic Smithsonian ones.

Where to eat in Dupont West

There are many places where you can eat close to Dupont West. Duck Duck Goose is a phenomenal French restaurant. It has a charming brick patio full of plant life surrounded by a huge window with beautiful views. Duck Duck serves mouthwatering French fare. Another great option is Chiko, an Asian-fusion restaurant in a modern environment.

Dupont West schools

Dupont West schools have fabulous reputations. Some schools in the area include The Interfaith Primary School, School for Friends, and Everbrook Academy of DuPont.

Real estate in Dupont West

Homes in Dupont West are typically charming row houses. Many are quite luxurious, ranging from three to four stories high and showcasing picturesque bay windows and alluring decorations. These homes provide the area with a historic ambiance, though the homes have been updated to suit modern lifestyles.

Dupont Circle Historic District

What makes Dupont Historic District unique?

This neighborhood boasts stunning architectural designs and historic buildings. Residents appreciate the restored homes with tastes of older styles while also being modernized. The Dupont Historic District is also a cultural hub with galleries and museums to explore. When in Dupont Historic District, you can get a taste of Washington, D.C.’s profound historical ties without even stepping foot in one of the major museums in the area.

What to do in Dupont Historic District

Many fun things to do in Dupont Historic District involve immersing oneself in the area’s deep historical roots. Many historic mansions turned into museums that tell specific histories about prominent individuals, including the James G. Blaine Mansion, the Heurich House Museum, and the L. Ron Hubbard House Museum.

Where to eat in Dupont Historic District

There are lots of delicious food options near the Dupont Historic District. Obelisk is a fine-dining Italian restaurant set in an intimate, upscale environment. For authentic French cuisine, check out Le Diplomate, an old-fashioned French bistro decorated with romantic Parisian furniture that offers outdoor seating.

Dupont Historic District schools

Plenty of schools serve the Dupont Historic District area, including the Charles Sumner School, Ross Elementary School, and The School for Ethics and Global Leadership.

Real estate in Dupont Historic District

Of course, given the neighborhood’s name, most homes in the Dupont Historic District have historic home styles. Victorian and Romanesque Revival homes dominate the Dupont Historic District, known for their brick walls and pitched roofs. Also, most homes in the Historic District are row homes decorated with high-end finesse.

Dupont East

What makes Dupont East unique?

Dupont East is a dynamic, vibrant neighborhood with exciting shops and things to do. It is popular among tourists, but locals cherish the strong community values of Dupont East. Dupont East is a fabulous place to live, from the neighborhood’s exciting museums to tranquil parks to stylish new restaurants.

What to do in Dupont East

One of the things locals of Dupont East most like to do is go running or take a walk in the historic Witherspoon Park or Mitchell Park. These spaces provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation of several forms or mere relaxation. Others who crave a fantastic learning experience can visit the National Geographic Museum and explore its exhibits.

Where to eat in Dupont East

Locals of Dupont East enjoy going out to eat throughout the week and have several options. Floriana is a low-lit, small Italian restaurant that serves delectable cuisine. It is the optimal location for an intimate date night. Also, Agora is a famous Mediterranean restaurant in D.C. Its atmosphere is defined by a chic, warm interior where guests can sip on innovative cocktails and try Turkish delights.

Dupont East schools

Dupont East has remarkable schools for children of all ages, like the Oyster-Adams Bilingual School, Barnard Elementary, and the Keough School of Global Affairs.

Real estate in Dupont East

Homes in Dupont East range from classic brownstones to elevated high-rises, ranging in various architectural styles, including Victorian, Colonial, and contemporary. The neighborhood’s homes are known for being quite beautiful, and thus Dupont East is an enviable spot for all seeking luxury living. Homes in Dupont East are among the most expensive within the Washington, D.C., area.

Learn more about Dupont Circle

To discover more about Dupont Circle real estate, contact Thomas Kolker, one of the industry’s leading agents. Thomas Kolker is an experienced Washington DC real estate agent who can advise you on where to start searching for homes for sale in Dupont Circle. He is also experienced with investment real estate and is happy to answer any questions about the best investment locations. With intimate knowledge of the area, he can help you find the best neighborhood to suit your needs.

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